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Blast off!! Launching My New Website and Blog!!

Rebecca McIntosh

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello everyone

Very excited to launch new website and blog!

I just built it myself and I must say what an awesome website building template this, I smashed it out in a week-end!

By the way if you need a simple affordable website built and don't have the time I reckon I'd be up for the job.....let me know.

So the website and blog are hopefully a way to extend my platforms so I can share all my favourite Bec Mac content and be clear about who and what I do. Bec Mac, Rebecca McIntosh, Aphrodite, artist, Tv presenter who the f##k am I?? Time to try and clear this identity mess up!

This creative life at best is exhilarating, liberating and takes you to the core of life and who you are, at worst it's confusing (am I just kidding myself), time consuming (I should just get a real job) and certainly doesn't fill up the bank! It's a continuous cycle of thinking, spawning, creating, launching and then there are always the quite moments where there is nothing and it can be terrifying !

So coming out of one of these quite moments I have come up with my plan.

I like to make screen content, talk to inspiring people and discover amazing stories so its time to get some real bucks to make Bec Mac series 3. I also like to make less literal art work with images and text and will be working towards a show in a gallery over the coming year.

Of course the big Pink Caboose and Clam are always ready to go if you need a Goddess in your house, your street, your festival.

Up Up and Away!!!!

XX Bec 


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