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Bec Mac is focused on exploring personal, powerful, provocative stories using comedy, brutal honesty and irreverence, Bec approaches the hot topics head on through humor (not confrontation), engaging viewers with unbiased insights from discussions.
She has an enthusiasm for powerful story telling that reveals the guts of life challenging the viewer to question their perspectives. A female Louis Theroux she bravely puts herself on the line to get to the heart of the matter. 
Exploring subjects such as the "Boundaries of Intimacy in Public Spaces", "Being Afraid to Die Like Your Parent" and "Love Marriage and Vibrators" Bec delves deep into taboo topics in a fun innovative way. Provoking a Pash Mob in the heart of the city, hunting the streets as a Bride searching for a Groom, walking in the footsteps of her fathers disabilty have all been part of the job for Bec.
Both series were written, directed, produced and presented by Bec.
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